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How To Use Your Android Device as Keyboard and Mouse
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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Rumored specs of the BB Merah Putih built BlackBerry-branded Device

While BlackBerry Mobile have been teasing the BlackBerry 'Mercury', there's another BlackBerry-branded device for the Indonesian market that has yet to appear fully. That device, only really known as BlackBerry - BBC100-1, comes from the device software licensing agreement BlackBerry put together with joint venture PT BB Merah Putih. Below are some quick specs.

BlackBerry "BBC100-1": Snapdragon 425 1,4 GHz, 5.5in, 720p HD, 4/32GB, 13/8MP, Dual-SIM, 3000mAh. Roland Quandt (@rquandt) January 26, 2017.
A couple of things stand out here. Aside from the processor, the specs seem decent and dual SIM? That would certainly be a first for a BlackBerry. It'll be interesting to see how this device gets rolled out. 

We're starting to see how BlackBerry Mobile will be handling the BlackBerry brand starting with the BlackBerry 'Mercury'

Friday, January 27, 2017

[Audio + Video] Di’Ja – Air (Prod. By BabyFresh)

Supreme Mavin Dynasty’s super talented songstress, Di’Ja, shares her first official release for 2017 titled “Air” This comes after thrilling fans in 2016 with her alternative single “Sowemo” which was produced by Don Jazzy, himself. The conscious pop single was directed by Clarence Peters and produced by Mavin in-house producer, Babyfresh.

Listen & Download “Di’Ja – Air (Prod. By BabyFresh)” Below;


Saturday, October 8, 2016

How To Use Your Android Device as Keyboard and Mouse

Instead of buying a separate mouse and a keyboard you can use your Android device to do those stuffs. Laptops have been so convenient to use than the Desktops. Even then, many feel that typing is a grater work in laptop and it isn't that easy to do as in the desktops. So, people tend to but separate USB cabled mouse and keyboard. I do use it that way.

Android tends to be the predominant OS in the mobile devices. There are many people using the Android mobile phones and the number of the users are dominating the other OS users. And the trick that we see today is to use the Android device as both the mouse and the keyboard.

There are so many advantages over this trick as you can make use of your Android OS to perform various tasks of the mouse and the keyboard even from a distance.  


If your computer is made from Intel, then this could do wonders for you. Just follow the steps below and make it done -

1. Download Intel Remote Keyboard for your Android Mobile.

2. Also download and install the Intel Remote Keyboard Host for your Windows PC.

3. Your Android device and your Windows PC must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

4. Tap the Windows device name, on your Android phone.

How to use your Android device as keyboard and mouse

5. Now, a large QR code will be displayed on your Windows PC. Scan it with your Android phone’s camera.

6. The two devices will now be paired.


1. The keyboard can be used in either the landscape mode or the portrait mode.

How to use your Android device as keyboard and mouse

2. The keyboard of Intel is similar to that of the Android Keyboard. It has a Windows button, Esc button and 4 arrow keys.

How to use your Android device as keyboard and mouse


1. It is difficult to control volume of the PC with the Intel Keyboard. 


The below picture will explain on the steps to use the Android device as a mouse.

How to use your Android device as keyboard and mouse

Thus the task of typing is now made easier and even simpler with these trick to make your android device to do the function of the keyboard and the mouse.

Thanks for reading!! keep sharing. Incoming Search Terms : Android phone as keyboard and mouse, alternative for keyboard and mouse, cheap and best input devices, easy to type keyboard.

How to Detect the Name and Location Of an Unknown Caller

Have you ever experienced receiving call from an unknown caller before?  So times it hurts when you do really know who is calling you, especially when they keep disturbing you with phone calls from unknown sources. Don't you think you should trace who it is? 
How to Detect the Name and Location Of an Unknown Caller

Today, I bring to you an Android application which call really help you with the key to unlock the secret of that unknown caller disturbing you. This app works perfectly in terms that it shows the name of the unknown number immediately your phone starts ringing, isn't that amazing? This app is called Truecaller.

How Does Truecaller Works 

The name says it all, truecaller is an Android App that detects the true name and location of an unknown caller therefore reducing spam by its ability to;
  • Detect unknown caller ID 
  • Unwrap unknown caller's name
  • Blacklist a particular number
  • Block a particular number from sending you messages too. 
To start using truecaller, follow the below procedures 

1. Download the truecaller app here
2. Setup the App
3. Now to find the name and location of that unknown number, just input the number in the search bar, search and wait till the app unveils the name and location of the caller. 

I hope you don't have any problems finding that unknown caller that keeps disturbing you? Don't forget to drop your feedbacks and keep sharing with your friends. 

Must Watch: Suicide Episode 3 by Mc Tom Comedy

Here is another great Comedy by the popular and well known Mc tom_oroagba. Are you devastated or feeling kind of sad? You have to watch this Comedy as it will blow away your mind and feel your heart with joy and laughter.

Quickly, download and watch this Comedy, and don't forget to drop feedback.

IG: mctom_oroagba
Contact : 08135911850
Directed by OROLABI

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Sharing of Apk Files on Whatsapp Made Easier

Share Apk files on Whatsapp

There has been restrictions on sending an Android App on Whatsapp lately. You can easily transfer documents, Pdfs, Music and even videos but transfer of Apk files has been disallowed. Why can we share documents and can't share apk files?  That's where the trick comes in.

Today I will be giving a tutorial on how to send an Android file format (Apk Files)  on Whatsapp. It's just simple brain arithmetic follow the below procedures.

How To Send Apk Files On Whatsapp 

  • Locate the Apk File you want to share 
  • Rename it to .doc from .apk with Es file explorer 
  • Now Open Whatsapp >>Locate the receiver>>Share the renamed apk file.
  • After the receiver completes the download >> Tell him to change the file format back to .apk and install

You have successfully shared an apk file right on Whatsapp without stress, is that not simple? So people still don't know how to do this. Do them a favour by sharing this tutorial on social media and don't forget to drop comments.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Hot Music: Starface – 9ja Must Change

Wow!! Here comes another hit song dropped by STARFACE  a final year student and multi-talented act of LAUTECH H, after dope tracks back to back, I dropping his fifth track this year titled "9JA MUST CHANGE" following the current situation of Nigeria for us to sit back, reason, and pray to fight for the CHANGE we want in our COUNTRY, God bless, our Government, God bless Nigeria, God bless Africa......

Download Now
Download Section
Click Here

Stay connected with him; 
Whatsapp: 08163321046,
BBM: 2be2b847

Monday, February 15, 2016

Rock MTN 0.0kobo Free Browsing Using Psiphon handler.

Wow!!  Today is Valentine, I wish all the fans of this blog and our blog readers a Happy Valentine's Day. Well I can say MTN is celebrating Valentine for us by not blocking the 0.0kobo free browsing that has been going on lately.

In my last post, I talked about how to use mtn 0.0kobo free browsing with Simple Android Server (SAS), I later realized that many people are not able to connect successful with SAS which was very absurd.

Due to this reason, am here again bringing to you how to rock Mtn free browsing using psiphon handler. Well, when we talk about psiphon we shouldn't forget to talk about the tremendous internet speed which makes this app rank high in the lists of VPN applications.  To enjoy this wonderful VPN application, follow the steps below.

How To Use MTN 0.0kobo Free Browsing With Psiphon Handler. 

1.  Download Psiphon Pro handler HERE
2.  Set your phone Apn to default  or create a new Apn with the following;

  • Apn :
  • Proxy:
  • Port: 8080

3.  Now launch your Psiphon handler.
4.  Configure the first page as follows,

  • Proxy type : Real host
  • Proxy server :
  • Real proxy type : Inject
  • Real proxy port : 80
5.   Save it and swipe to the option tab.
6.   Under the Server region select United States.
7.   Now click on More Options and tick HTTP and configure the rest as follows;

  • Host address:
  • Port : 8080

8.   Now gently click on the start button, take a cup of tea as your psiphon connects.

Is this post helpful to you??  Or you have problem connecting??  Give us feedback through the comment box. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Browse Free With Mtn 0.0kobo Now Via SAS

Lately, free browsing tricks has been very scarce to the extent that more imei tweakers thought this is the end of free browsing. Am happy to tell you today that hope is not lost, most if you must have enjoyed Etisalat 0.0kobo free browsing, although it's slow, but it's better than nothing. Today am bringing to you Mtn 0.0kobo free browsing via SaS hacked version. This has been going for a while now and I think it's high time you know about it.


  1. Simple Server Cracked Version( SAS) . Click here to download it .
  2. A little Tech brain and exercise patience.

How To Use Mtn 0.0kobo Via SAS(Simple Server Android) .

  1. Create an APN address on your Phone with the following settings. 
Proxy: Empty. 
Port: Empty.
2.  Now open your Simple Android Server v4.
3.  Goto the settings
4.  Click "Set connection mode" and select "VPN mode".
5.   Go back to connection settings and in the Proxy Host and Port input the following respectively.
Proxy Host : 
Proxy Port : 8080
6.  Now Tick "Enable Header Tweaking"
7.  In the Tweak Type Select "Host Replacement"
8.  In the Injection Host Input this :

Now Start your SAS and feel the incredible speed of SaS.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Hottest betting tips for today

My first sure fix match for today you can stake all you gat.....