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Etisalat Unlimited browsing and downloading via tweakware

Etisalat Unlimited browsing and downloading via tweakware

I bet this is what you have been waiting for, surfing and downloading unlimitedly without any limit

 Today,  am very happy to tell you that what you have all been waiting for is finally here, with Etisalat chat pack unlimited browsing via Tweakware.

Now let's just quickly speed through the procedures on how to activate this unlimited browsing with Etisalat chat pack via tweakware.

Tweakware is an application that is one of the  best Android apps with VPN Servers, with unstoppable ip address,tweakware is another app like simple server and openvpn.


You must have activate your Etisalat with the chat Pack Then you can proceed to the next step, if you have not,then dail

*200*3*3*1*2*1# for 1week at #150

*200*3*3*1*1*1# for a day at #50


- Go to Google playstore, search for Tweakware,  download it and install the app or download it HERE
- Go to your settings>network settings >access points name> then create a new access point, with the settings below
Name: Etisalat chatpack
Apn : etisalat
Then save it
-Now launch your Tweakware and press option on your Android and select settings
-The click on Bundled Setting and tick "Use Bundled setting"
Then click on Select Bundled setting and Choose ETI CHAT PACK.

-Then go back and Tap CONNECT .
And start surfing and downloading  Unlimitedly, it far more faster and better than other VPN apps.
1-No root access is needed for this
2-It powers all apps no need to use autoproxy 

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