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Browse Free With Mtn 0.0kobo Now Via SAS

Browse Free With Mtn 0.0kobo Now Via SAS
Lately, free browsing tricks has been very scarce to the extent that more imei tweakers thought this is the end of free browsing. Am happy to tell you today that hope is not lost, most if you must have enjoyed Etisalat 0.0kobo free browsing, although it's slow, but it's better than nothing. Today am bringing to you Mtn 0.0kobo free browsing via SaS hacked version. This has been going for a while now and I think it's high time you know about it.


  1. Simple Server Cracked Version( SAS) . Click here to download it .
  2. A little Tech brain and exercise patience.

How To Use Mtn 0.0kobo Via SAS(Simple Server Android) .

  1. Create an APN address on your Phone with the following settings. 
Proxy: Empty. 
Port: Empty.
2.  Now open your Simple Android Server v4.
3.  Goto the settings
4.  Click "Set connection mode" and select "VPN mode".
5.   Go back to connection settings and in the Proxy Host and Port input the following respectively.
Proxy Host : 
Proxy Port : 8080
6.  Now Tick "Enable Header Tweaking"
7.  In the Tweak Type Select "Host Replacement"
8.  In the Injection Host Input this :

Now Start your SAS and feel the incredible speed of SaS.

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