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Latest: How to Hide Profile Photo On WhatsApp

Latest: How to Hide Profile Photo On WhatsApp
How to Hide Profile Photo On WhatsApp
WhatsApp Messaging App has become one of the most used social messaging apps in the world and is even competing with the popularly known Facebook. Although they are both owned by Mark Zuckerberg. This social messaging app has been downloaded over 1million times and almost 80% of people use WhatsApp on a daily bases to text, share updates and connect with loved ones.

WhatsApp makes it easy to connect with people and meet new friends but sometimes we still need some little privacy. So today I'm sharing How to Hide Profile Photo On WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp app has been a great success and has succeeded similar social media apps like BBM, Line, and Telegram in terms of popularity and usage. This app also has many incredible features such as the ability to upload both images and texts as status, hide privacy like last seen and staus, Creating groups and share group links, Delete Sent Messages, Text styles (bold and italic texts) and many more. Moreover, you can hide WhatsApp profile pictures as well.

To prevent people from seeing your profile photo, follow the below step by step guide on how to hide WhatsApp profile photo

How to Hide Profile Photo On WhatsApp

1. Open your WhatsApp app, then click the 3dots icon located at the top right corner

2. Now click Settings and on the Settings Menu, select Account 

3. Then select Privacy and click on Profile photo, then from the options given, select Nobody to to hide your profile photo.

That's it. You have successfully hide WhatsApp account profile picture and nobody will be able to view your profile photo. You can make only your contacts to see your display picture by selecting "My Contacts" from the option given in step 3 above.



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