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How To Repost Instagram Stories Of Friends

How To Repost Instagram Stories Of Friends
How To Repost Instagram Stories Of Friends
Instagram today has become one of the most used social networking platforms for photography, Graphics, and business promotions. As we all know Instagram allows its users to upload photos on Instagram and share their interesting moments with amazing filters. With the latest Instagram app update, you can post Instagram stories and get Instagram story views.

As far back as 2012 facebook acquire the popular mobile photo sharing app Instagram, which means instagram is now part of Facebook. Instagram has many amazing features like sharing multiple photos and videos on instagram, private chat your friends, share upto 1minute instagram story in form of video or photos. Most importantly you can also go live on instagram and engage in a video call with your friends. There are many cute instagram captions available too.

In the latest update, instagram rolled out a feature called Instagram story repost that allows you to repost your friends stories in your own story. With this, you can repost creative instagram stories on your own stories as well. Today I'll show you how to repost Instagram stories.

How to Repost Instagram Stories

How To Repost Instagram Stories
To use the Instagram repost story feature your instagram app must be updated to the latest version. Also, your username must be mentioned before you can repost Instagram stories. Kindly follow the below steps

1. First, like I said above you must receive a notification or message on Direct Message Instagram as mention from other user Story.

2. The quoted text will be seen at the top when you are mentioned through Direct Message "Mentioned you in a story, Add This to Your Story".
3. Now click Add This to Your Story
4. Then your friend's story will go to your Instagram story editor menu where you can add good instagram captions, stickers, locations, mentions and updates to the story.
5. After editing, press the send button to repost the instagram story on your own story tab.
6. Nevertheless, on the send page, you too may decide to share your Instagram story with anyone by just mentioning their username.

It's just as easy as that on how to repost instagram stories as long as you are tagged or mentioned.

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