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Best Ways to Delete Google Maps History

Best Ways to Delete Google Maps History
Google Map App is an application developed Google that is embedded in every smartphone devices ranging from Android, IOS and Computer Smartphones. Traveling successfully to an unknown location has been made very easy with google map as you'll be provided the best, fastest and easiest route to reach your desired destination.
Best Ways to Delete Google Maps History
With this Google Application, you get exclusive access to current traffic conditions, estimated time of travel based on the means of travel. This means the google map measure distance and calculated time of travel when you travel by foot, train, bus or book a flight. Most of it all you also get a quick review of a place from existing Google Maps users in the area.

In one word, You can never get lost if you have your Google Maps location app active on your device. Isn't that amazing? 

But those are the pros, of course there are some cons too. Making effective use of the Google location app eats your internal storage because it stores location histories and map searches. It turns out most users want to delete Maps History but don't know how to. Today I'll be sharing how to delete History on Google Maps. Take a seat and follow up.

Best Ways to Delete Google Maps History 

I will be sharing 2 ways to Clear Google Maps History. You can either choose to do this directly from your Google Maps App on your smartphone or via browser on a PC or laptop by simply opening the Google Maps Service.

Delete Maps History on a Smartphone

1. Open the Google Maps Application on your Android Devices and IOS.

2. Now at the top left corner>>select the menu bar with 3 lines.

3. Scroll down and click Settings>>Choose Maps History.

4. On the Maps History page, you'll see a list of all the History Maps location that was searched.

5. Now tap the X icon located on the right to remove the maps history you want.

6. Finally a dialog box will pop-up to confirm and hit the Delete key to delete.

You can only delete these histories one by one, so check on pressing the X Icon to delete more History Maps location you have searched. That's all on how to delete history maps location on an Android Smartphone or an IPhone. 



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